What they mean is: specified a four port camera

In answer to the question of ‘Is Morgan Freeman a Beekeeper?’, the actor reveals that he does in fact own a hive of bees. ‘In a manner of speaking, I am’, he said on the Wired interview. ‘I have a lady, a gardener, who is the actual beekeeper. «Sometimes it takes a year or two like it did with Marcus Cannon is a good example. But we’ve had other guys fall into that category as well. If you get them early and you have time to work with them then maybe you can bring them along at your pace instead of throwing them in there and having some plays that you don’t want to have before you want to have them.»Bentley, though, said there are other factors that get overlooked, and one in particular stands out to him.»If there’s anybody, outside of quarterback, that needs to be truly sliced and diced in terms of really getting to the core of what that person or what that athlete is or what they’re capable of, it’s the offensive line athlete,» Bentley said.The thing is, offensive linemen are often just asked to be tough.

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