8, 1937, Dennis graduated from Willmar HS in 1955

The route follows a range of underwater mountains. Called sea mounts, some of their peaks extend fairly close to the surface. «So this was the first time we actually documented animals using these seamounts,» Espinoza says. At the tender age of eleven, was catapulted to fame when he was cast to play Harry Potter in the film adaptations of JK Rowlings’ best selling books. He has since appeared on stage, most notably in Eqqus which generated significant media interest due to the nude scene involved. Rowling’s wonderful books to help keep fans of the wizarding world entertained during lockdown.

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After retirement in 1999, Louise and Dean (Lyle and Lee) did some traveling throughout the United States settling in the South West. For 14 years Lee spent the winters with her husband in Gold Canyon, Arizona where she enjoyed many friends, activities, and much hiking in the Superstition Mountains and the Arizona trails. During her retirement many of her former students stayed in touch with her and continued to show their admiration and love for her.

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