There were also fears that wearing masks would

«Like all other sports bodies, the ICC has been forced to reschedule many events. We were supposed to play the World Cup (50 over) qualifiers in Sri Lanka this June, then tour England this July August. But, given the grim battle against the virus, everything will go for a toss,» she concluded..

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It is a complete turnaround from her advice seven weeks ago that people who are not sick should not be wearing a face mask at all. Canadian officials were reluctant to suggest face masks early in the virus outbreak for a number of reasons, including the need to ensure medical grade masks were restricted for use by front line health workers. There were also fears that wearing masks would prompt people to touch their faces more often and stay apart from others less often..

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Spiritual Purpose of Fasting in RamadanFasting is one of the basic elements of the Islamic faith. In fact, it the 3rd pillar of Islam which is obligatory for everyone who is healthy and mentally capable of it. In Islam, the concept of Fasting is not limited to refrain from drinking and eating all day long..

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My man performs hard as a healthcare specialist at the regional healthcare center. He is on his legs all day and most men’s footwear just do not provide him enough assistance and luxury to make it home without being experiencing discomfort at the end of every day. But I am exhausted of smell that terrible smell every time he requires his footwear off..

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