Some of these refs are not in the proper position to

The third Berkeley Neighborhoods Council forum, a community organized meeting, also held panels on air quality in West Berkeley and affordable housing in the city, in addition to the two panels on neighborhood development.»(The goal of the forum) is mainly to educate the neighborhood people as to what is going on in the different neighborhoods in Berkeley,» said Dean Metzger, chair of the Berkeley Neighborhoods Council, which organizes and runs the forum.The Adeline Corridor project, which aims to improve and develop the area, has raised community concerns about Berkeley’s «African American population being pushed out of the city,» according to Metzger. The project’s organizers are currently reaching out for community input on how to best improve the space.Residents such as Richie Smith, who has lived in South Berkeley since 1949, hope to see affordable housing built in the Adeline Corridor. According to Smith, who sat on a panel at the meeting, many African American and low income residents have already had to leave the area because of a lack of affordable housing, and she said even more will have to leave if no action is taken.Smith said that the project needs to build «economical or wholesale jerseys low rent housing that will accommodate seniors and people with fixed income» in order to rebuild the community.In the future, Smith hopes to see the Adeline Corridor project incorporate more beautification as well as healthful food markets to «uplift the community.»Additionally, members at the meeting discussed the planned development of 2539 Telegraph Ave.

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