: Dan Marino 13 quarterback of the Pittsburgh

That’s how fans connect.: Dan Marino 13 quarterback of the Pittsburgh Panthers poses before an NCAA game circa 1979 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Dan Marino in his University of Pittsburgh playing days. Pittsburgh/Collegiate Images/GettyIt would be easy to lump Ryan into the narrative that he’s part of some lineage with Marino, Montana and those other guys since, yes, he’s from the same state. The truth is that it’s not as simple as you might think.

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«We feel very, very good about being able to get the 40th pick, being able to get David Johnson,» O’Brien said. «We feel really good about when we looked at the analytics of it, based on the production that was leaving our team and the production that we were bringing in, and then what we were able to do. Again, it’s very incomplete, and we have several roster moves left to go, including a draft and all the other things that I mentioned earlier.

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